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Naïka, born in Miami, Florida, is a distinctive singer/songwriter who identifies as a Third Culture Kid (TCK). Having lived in various parts of the world, she absorbed the diverse cultural influences of French, Caribbean, African, and South Pacific societies, which significantly molded her both as a person and as a musician. This global upbringing has profoundly influenced her musical inclinations, blending her passion for Western Pop and R'n'B with World Music elements reflective of her multifaceted heritage. Consequently, Naïka's multilingual prowess shines through in her songwriting, as she effortlessly pens lyrics in English, French, and Haitian Creole, providing a unique blend of her diverse backgrounds.

To bolster Naïka's emerging brand and music, Pave was entrusted with several pivotal tasks. Key among these was the responsibility of orchestrating a digital activation campaign aimed at entertainment and tour marketing. This campaign was richly layered, encompassing everything from social media creatives, branding initiatives, to graphic design elements. In addition to these, Pave took the reins of web design and development for Naïka, ensuring a seamless digital experience for her growing fanbase. Their role wasn’t limited to the digital sphere; Pave played an instrumental role in coordinating show bookings for Naïka's European tour, ensuring that her music reached wider audiences.

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