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KWA Performance Industries stands out as a leading airsoft manufacturer, deeply involved in providing tools and resources for law enforcement and military training. Their commitment to safety is unparalleled, ensuring that both the general public and professionals remain protected at all times through their training platforms and various airsoft related products. Recognizing the need to amplify its online presence and drive more engagement, KWA entrusted Pave with the significant responsibility of spearheading its SEO and all-encompassing digital marketing efforts. This extensive strategy comprised growth marketing, funnel building, high-quality content production, cohesive branding and creative solutions, adept web design, streamlined ecommerce initiatives, strategic email marketing, and effective lead generation techniques. This collaboration proved to be fruitful. Recently, there was a noteworthy generation of an undisclosed but significant increase in the amount of leads, a 37% surge in ecommerce activity, and the establishment of multiple connections within the gaming and AR/VR industries, broadening KWA's horizons further.

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