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Jetsmarter (Rebranded FlyXO)

Jetsmarter, a groundbreaking rideshare app for private jets, redefined the luxury travel sector. With significant investments from industry giants like Jay-Z, Jetsmarter (which has since evolved into FlyXO) embarked on a journey to solidify its place within the elite circles. Our team was pivotal in directing the club's strategy, particularly focusing on celebrity and brand partnerships to bolster its visibility and prestige. We meticulously orchestrated partnerships, aligning Jetsmarter with some of the most sought-after events on the global calendar. This included prestigious events such as the F1 Monaco, the Cannes Film Festival, Paris Fashion Week, and the illustrious Grammy's Tea Party hosted by Len Blavatnik, among others.

Our collaborative efforts didn't stop there. Recognizing the immense power of celebrity influence in today's digital age, we engaged a host of renowned personalities. Icons like Cara Delevingne, Ashton Kutcher, Victoria Beckham, Hailey Bieber, and Wyclef Jean were secured for collaborations, leading them to create and post original content related to Jetsmarter. The ripple effect of these endorsements was palpable. During this strategic period of partnership and promotion, Jetsmarter witnessed a remarkable surge in membership sales, soaring by over 43%. This testament to the power of effective collaborations showcased how the right endorsements could dramatically shift the trajectory of a brand.

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