Digital Activation

Social Media Management

Omnichannel Approach

Talent Booking


Eikonikos stands at the forefront of the digital age as an expansive open-world metaverse. With its groundbreaking features, Eikonikos provides users with a range of virtual reality (VR) platforms, catering to a diverse set of needs—from intricate training simulations and technical assistance to an entirely immersive video chat experience that challenges traditional communication methods.

Recognizing the importance of a robust online presence for the successful launch of such a revolutionary platform, Eikonikos entrusted Pave with the critical role of digitally activating their launch campaign. Pave's involvement transcended mere campaign management, delving deep into comprehensive social media oversight and ensuring an omnichannel approach across all of Eikonikos' communication channels. In addition to these responsibilities, we were also mandated with the task of talent booking for numerous collaborations. This endeavor was steered under the watchful eye of Nathan Tari, the dynamic Chief Brand Officer of Eikonikos, who ensured that every collaboration aligned seamlessly with the brand's ethos and vision.

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