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Alexander Wang x Bulgari

The collaboration between Bulgari and Alexander Wang took center stage in Shanghai during the grand launch event for their 'Serpentine' bag. The grandeur of the promotion was accentuated by the strategic partnership with Warner Music China, which included a spellbinding performance by Vava, who is affectionately dubbed the "Rihanna of China" by her ardent fans. Vava and the Warner Music China partnership for this venture was orchestrated directly by our very own Nathan Tari. Adding to the allure of the promotion were two exclusive, glamorous parties, one set in the luxurious Bulgari Hotel in Shanghai and the other at the iconic old Henri Bendel building on Fifth Avenue in New York City. Both venues underwent a retro transformation, harking back to the opulence of '80s-era luxury department stores. Guests were intrigued by the credit-card-themed VIP invites, while the collection itself was elegantly displayed on mannequins, which not only showcased the new launch of the bags but also served as ideal backdrops for capturing content moments.

In particular, the Bulgari Hotel in Shanghai embraced a thematic reimagination. The ambiance was enriched with warm hues of red and gold lighting, creating an atmosphere that was both sophisticated and inviting. This aesthetic was complemented by window displays directly inspired by the 1987 cult classic film, "Mannequin". This fusion of fashion, luxury, and nostalgic elements proved highly effective. The collaborative efforts in event organization, coupled with expansive international press coverage and a robust digital strategy, bore fruit. During this promotional period, sales of the 'Serpentine' bag soared, witnessing a remarkable increase of 64%.

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