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El Camino Tequila

El Camino Tequila, poised for a global launch in the near future, is already making waves in the markets of Asia and Europe even as a boutique distiller and young factory. As a premium Tequila brand, its essence is steeped in authenticity and tradition, stemming from its deep-rooted origins in Jalisco, Mexico. This region, renowned for its expertise in Tequila manufacturing, provides El Camino with both its unique flavor profile and its distinguished heritage, ensuring that every sip is a testament to the craftsmanship of its place of birth.

Recognizing the brand's immense potential, Pave Agency was entrusted with an array of pivotal roles designed to propel El Camino to the pinnacle of the Tequila industry. Our involvement began at the product level, overseeing the complete design for its distinct offerings, namely theSilver, Anejo, and Reposado lines. But our collaboration with El Camino transcended mere product design. Pave also dove into business development, while playing a crucial role in forging valuable connections, opening avenues to major retailers in both Asia and Europe. This was achieved through strategic partnerships and collaborations, ensuring El Camino's visibility in key markets. In addition to these business-focused endeavors, Pave also took the reins of the brand's image, leading its branding and creative direction. Simultaneously, our team continually sought out and established new sales channels in both wholesale and retail through lead generation and business development campaigns, ensuring El Camino's growth and expansion remained unhindered with about 460K bottles sold to date.

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