Snoop Dogg x Couch Concerts

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Snoop Dogg x Couch Concerts

During the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we recognized an opportunity to both entertain and make a difference. Thus, we launched our own streaming entertainment brand with a vision rooted in social responsibility. We sought to harness the influence of music stars to raise awareness for global relief efforts, and to translate this vision into tangible change, we forged a meaningful partnership with the International Medical Corps. This collaboration aimed not only to entertain but also to create significant impact amidst the global crisis.

Our initiative was bolstered by the support of iconic music star, Snoop Dogg. Embracing the cause wholeheartedly, he graced our platform, spinning tracks for over an hour under his DJ alias, DJ Snoopadelic. Despite working with a relatively modest marketing budget of $20,000, the results were nothing short of spectacular. Our pilot episode amassed a staggering 70 million impressions and garnered attention from international press outlets. This overwhelming response translated into a remarkable 2568% ROI on our initial spend, proving that with the right intent and partnerships, one can achieve outsized success even in challenging times.

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