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Web design and development encompass the creation and upkeep of a website, encompassing its functionality, aesthetics, speed, and user interaction. This process generally revolves around two key components: the visual user interface (UI) and the overall user experience (UX). The UI addresses the visual elements, while UX pertains to the visitor's journey and emotions when exploring a website.

Integrating user interface and user experience to shape an app's functionality and visual appeal. Regardless of the app's purpose, it's essential to craft a functional, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing design.

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App & Web Development

Craft unique, functionally and visually attractive digital experiences for your audiences by leveraging PAVE’s development teams to create web, mobile, and software applications that encapsulate your unique identity and offer seamless user experiences across platforms and devices.

Web Design: The creative process of conceptualizing and designing the visual elements, layout, and aesthetics of a website to create an engaging and user-friendly interface.

Web Development: The technical process of coding and programming that brings the web design to life, ensuring the website functions smoothly and efficiently.

API & ERP Integration & Development: The seamless integration and development of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to enhance communication and streamline processes across different software platforms.

eCommerce Website Design & Development: Crafting and building websites tailored specifically for online retail, focusing on creating user-friendly interfaces, secure payment gateways, and efficient inventory management.

Front-end & Back-end Hardcoding: Front-end involves coding the visible aspects of a website that users interact with, while back-end coding focuses on the server-side functionality that supports the website's operations and data management.

iOS App Design & Development: Crafting and building mobile applications specifically for Apple's iOS platform, focusing on delivering a seamless user experience and adhering to iOS design guidelines.

Android App Design & Development: Creating and developing mobile applications tailored for the Android operating system, aiming to provide an intuitive user interface and seamless integration with Android devices.

Tablet Design & Development: Designing and developing applications optimized for tablet devices, ensuring a user-friendly experience and efficient use of the larger screen space.

Game Design & Development: The creative and technical process of conceptualizing, designing, and programming interactive and engaging games for various platforms, encompassing both visual aesthetics and functionality.


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Software Development & Cloud Engineering

Software development and cloud engineering encompasses the innovative process of designing, developing, and managing applications and services, leveraging the scalability and flexibility of cloud computing.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) offer advanced solutions through the automation and enhancement of human tasks by learning from and interpreting data to deliver precise, efficient, and intelligent outcomes.