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More and more companies and agencies are popping up worldwide as the digital landscape continues to at a speed faster than the speed of light (literally!) Everyone and every entity - from small companies and franchises to eCommerce enterprises and entrepreneurs - is trying to make it big on the Net. They are grappling and struggling with figuring out advertising revenues and the best ways to maximize all possible conversion paths while doing so.

The opportunities in digital marketing may have never been greater, but the challenges are now seemingly insurmountable. 

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Digital marketing has evolved dramatically and substantially over the past two and a half decades, and it’s continuing to do so. So, companies are responding by seeking out quick and effective ways to position their brands in front of loyal followers who will convert at a moment’s notice. They are turning to companies like Pave ppc agency to do so. You’ll learn why by reading further.

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Digital marketing has evolved dramatically and substantially over the past two and a half decades, and it’s continuing to do so. So, companies are responding by seeking out quick and effective ways to position their brands in front of loyal followers who will convert at a moment’s notice. They are turning to companies like Pave PPC agency to do so. You’ll learn why by reading further.

You’re Making Strategic and Results-Generating Decisions When You Rely on PPC Advertising to Promote Your Brands

More and more companies and agencies are popping up worldwide as the digital landscape continues to at a speed faster than the speed of light (literally!) Everyone and every entity - from small companies and franchises to eCommerce enterprises and entrepreneurs - is trying to make it big on the Net. They are grappling and struggling with figuring out advertising revenues and the best ways to maximize all possible conversion paths while doing so.

The opportunities in digital marketing may have never been greater, but the challenges are now seemingly insurmountable.

The digital marketing ecosystem may be flush with advertising tools and marketing channels. But some businesses are still struggling to get noticed by their target audiences. That means their Internet marketing strategies are rarely noticed, much less acted upon, by their prospects. Many online companies face these common marketing challenges:

  • More competitors
  • A dramatic rise in ad blockers
  • Stricter industry regulations
  • Continually evolving customer demands
  • High digital ad spends
  • Fluctuating and varying market standards
  • Elusive customers

Social media marketing may be everywhere now. That said, an astonishing and growing number of companies find it to be very daunting and challenging. When social media was still very new, it was still possible and very popular for companies to do free organic advertising to promote their brands far and wide all over the world.

However, over the years, as social media marketing evolved, social media platforms began regulating and restricting the types of ads and the extent to which they could be displayed. They also started replacing free and organic advertising with paid advertising. That prices some companies out since they lack the capacity and resources to successfully launch sustained paid social media marketing campaigns.

SEO is a popular strategy that companies leverage to market their brands to large-scale target audiences. however, that has its challenges and limitations because it can take several months for an enterprise’s site to rank with organic SEO tactics. And even then, there’s no guarantee that it will receive any impressions or conversions. Those may take several more months to achieve. There is paid SEO, but it’s very expensive, so it’s not feasible for the long-term for all but the largest of MNCs.

Many companies are turning to PPC advertising because it does the trick in promoting brands and associated enterprises quickly while generating a high ROI almost overnight. Also, Pay-Per-Click advertising puts enterprises in control of their marketing efforts and allows them to generate bigger revenue streams and profit margins much faster.

Should You Rely on PPC or SEO to Promote Your Enterprise and brands?

The answer to that question is, “It depends on the nature and demographics of your target markets.” sometimes SEO does the trick, other times, PPC works just fine. However, in other instances, companies need a combination of these strategies to be successful.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Enterprises find that SEO works wonders when they’re trying to boost the amount and quality of their organic traffic, build brand awareness, build a great online reputation, and generate customer trust. There is a catch. On average, it takes anywhere from four to six months for a site and its pages to occupy a spot on the first page of any search engine, especially Google.

This is supported by the findings of an Ahref study, which states that only 5.7% of all pages on the WWW rank for one keyword within a year of being published. What is even more profound is that these pages took at least 3-6 months to make it to the first page of Google and other search engines.

So, it’s clear that you’re not going to see immediate results with SEO. that’s why many enterprises and marketers fail to reach their marketing goals immediately when they rely heavily on organic SEO to promote their brands.

PPC is for you if you crave an online marketing approach that will give you complete control over your marketing efforts, is flexible, and promises instant results.


PPC has consistently proven itself to be one of the most effective online marketing strategies that maximizes an enterprise’s ROI rather quickly. Enterprise owners find that they can be in control of their marketing and advertising spends and promote their brands and brand propositions/benefits to the right target audiences immediately when they do PPC advertising.

You have a laser-like focus on your targeting abilities when you do PPC advertising. That pulls prospects through funnels faster and results in more conversions in a shorter amount of time.

The most successful enterprises rely on a mix of SEO and PPC advertising strategies to generate more traffic and conversions. That’s because these types of campaigns maximize brand visibility and deliver long-term benefits. But if you are short on time and money, your best bet is to rely heavily on PPC to promote your brands.

Capitalize on Consumer Search Opportunities When You Do Pay-per-click Advertising

We get real results with our PPC advertising campaigns because we collaborate with various respected and well-known companies and marketing professionals. That results in greater brand awareness and lead generation for you, which eventually boosts your website traffic and conversion rates.

Our Pay-per-click advertising team has years of experience in PPC advertising. So, they have unparalleled expertise and talent in designing, crafting, and implementing PPC campaigns that deliver real results for various MNCs, SMEs, and mom-and-pop stores worldwide. They also know how to customize campaigns for different enterprises and companies according to their unique needs.

We’re here to help you take your enterprise and brands to the next level with PPC advertising.

It’s time to explain exactly what PPC advertising is and why your enterprise or company is missing out on a lot if it’s not currently doing Pay-per-click advertising.

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According to Hanapin Marketing, 79 percent of marketers find that ppc advertising works when promoting their clients’ enterprises and brands. Enterprises and companies are taking note of that and responding. About 62% of companies plan on increasing their PPC advertising spends in the future to try to acquire new customers.

Social Media Today also reported that over 7 million advertisers spent USD 10.01 billion for PPC ads in 2017. So, it’s obvious that PPC advertising is one of the most popular marketing frameworks for maximizing an enterprise’s ROI.

Now that you have heard about some of the benefits of PPC advertising, it’s time to answer what may be one of your most pressing questions. “What exactly is PPC advertising?”

What Is  PPC Advertising?

Companies are increasingly relying on PPC advertising to promote their brands, build brand awareness, and drive more traffic from specific target audiences and market segments to their websites. The beauty of PPC is that you are charged a very nominal amount only when someone on your site clicks on an ad.

Pay-per-click advertising is vast. It goes well beyond Google’ SERP and the Google Display Network. Many other sites like various social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, along with YouTube also leverage Pay-per-click advertising.

PPC advertising gives marketers more power by allowing them to strategically place ads on various online marketing platforms. That goes a long way towards increasing their brands’ visibility in front of their target markets. It also explains why most advertisements on the World Wide Web (WWW) are Pay-per-click ads.

There Are Many Types of PPC Ads

You can leverage a variety of PPC ads to help you put your enterprise on the global map and get your brands right in front of your target audiences quickly and cost-effectively. Count on our PPP ad agency to collaborate with your marketing team to determine the correct PPC ad campaign that will maximize your sales funnel results.

The appropriate pay-per-click ad campaign for you depends on many factors, primarily your corporate goals.

Search ads:

Search ads are a popular form of paid search marketing. These types of ads appear to people who are looking for particular search terms and keywords that are associated with your brands. They work wonders when you’re promoting what you sell with one-time promotional offers or seasonal sales campaigns.

Search ads are ideal for enterprises that want quality and high-converting potential leads from new customers.

Display ads:

Display ads reach over 90 per cent of the people who use the Internet. These ads are shown on Google’s partner websites. They’re geared towards users on related sites. Display ads optimize photos and text to get noticed by people in your target audiences, drive them to your site, and convince them to convert. Companies that sell brands throughout the year, or that sell niche or luxury brands should rely on display ads.

Social ads:

Social media pay-per-click advertising is enjoying the fastest growth of all pay-per-click ads. They tend to be run on widely used social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Social ads are crafted to target prospects based on specific demographic criteria like hobbies, networks, and interests, among other things.

Enterprises find that social media ads work wonders when promoting their brands people are already talking about and sharing content on social media platforms.

Remarketing ads:

Remarketing ads work wonders when you want to target prospects who will convert easily in large numbers. You’ll find your profit margins doubling with remarketing ads. They work because they effectively reach out to and engage previous website visitors, some of whom may have abandoned carts. These ads use compelling language to convince these people to buy your brands.

Remarketing costs:

It is effective since it has a higher ROI because there are far fewer of them run than other ads and they reach out to extremely targeted customer segments. Count on our team to use customized and innovative/creative remarketing ads to make your overall pay-per-click advertising campaigns that much more successful.

Google Shopping Ads:

These are displayed in a carousel that’s either above or to the side of Google’s main search results. That entices viewers by showing them various products, their descriptions, and prices before they visit a site. We will use these ads to effectively reach out to and convert your target audiences if you run an eCommerce storefront selling large quantities of products.

In-Stream Ads:

That’s a fancy term for YouTube ads. These are the pay-per-click ads that are notorious for showing up in YouTube search results. YouTube videos, and video partners on the Display Network. We highly recommend using these ads if you want to target certain generational cohorts who crave advertising that presents ordinary brands in a unique, creative, and memorable way.

Facebook recently jumped on the in-stream ad bandwagon by allowing companies to occupy its prime space with unique advertising.

Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP):

This is perhaps the best way to generate the greatest number of direct response leads through advertising. You can target people through their email inboxes. Google-sponsored promotions let people make purchases straight from the emails. Count on our team to run effective GSP ad campaigns for you if you’re interested in them.

Local Services Ads:

These are based on the PPC model. So, you don’t pay for any ads that don’t convert into leads. The issue is that only a few companies in a few industries will benefit from local service ads. These include HVAC companies, plumbers, electricians, and locksmiths.

If you’re interested in and eligible for local service ads, our team would be the perfect match because they collaborate with you to put your services out in front of your target audiences.

Amazon PPC ads:

There’s a reason why more and more companies worldwide are turning to Amazon PPC ads. They work wonders when promoting your Amazon brands to global target markets. The reason is that they are placed in strategic areas and successfully drive more traffic, and result in more conversions for your site.

Our PPC marketing team is expert at placing these ads strategically on various sites to generate more results for you.

The Nuts and Bolts of PPC Advertising

PPC marketing works wonders partly because it’s strategic keyword-driven. Adwords is a particular type of PPC campaign. It works by assigning values to keywords based on their popularity, search difficulty, and competition levels. So, if more companies are using a particular keyword often, that keyword will have a higher value - it will be much more expensive.

There’s a catch. There are only so many PPC advertising slots on each search engine. So, it can be very difficult to stake out and capture a PPC slot, especially if you’re new to your industry. The fact that these slots are often sold on a first-come, first-served basis ad auctions complicates the matter even more. But you can’t boost PPC ads just by paying more for them.

Google’s algorithms state that your PPC ads must have a good quality score before they will be boosted and their average PPC will be substantially lowered. Your ads have to meet certain criteria to qualify for a good quality score:

  • Be relevant to your target markets’ demographics
  • Be optimized
  • Have a high CTR
  • Drive traffic to an optimized landing page

That’s a lot of criteria to meet on your own. It’s also a time-consuming and tedious process. If you’re short on time and resources, count on our ppc marketing team to take care of all of your PPC marketing needs and put your enterprise and brands on the global map.

We’re Experts at Generating More Online Revenue by Improving Your Quality Scores

Our ppc marketing team will sit down with you and your key employees to learn all about your company’s objectives, goals, and mission. Then, they determine your PPC marketing goals, your PPC campaign metrics, and build your PPC marketing structure, all to lower your overall PPC marketing spends and driving more conversion-resulting traffic to your site.

Let’s kickstart the process!

Why Hire Us for Your Pay Per Click Marketing Needs?

We’ll help you scale up faster by boosting your brand recognition in no time

Pay-per-click advertising is exactly what you need if you want to increase traffic and generate conversions to your site in no time and are on a strict marketing budget. Our PPC management services are data-driven and help you make more profits faster by allowing you to connect what you sell to more customers faster.

It’s time to list exactly how you’ll benefit by partnering with us for your PPC marketing needs.

Enter your target markets easier and faster:

our team will guide you every step of the way during your PPC marketing campaign(s.) That goes far in allowing you to run successful PPC advertising campaigns.

Get Your brand out in front more of your target audiences faster:

you can’t do better than PPC advertising if you want what you sell to appear in front of your prospects and customers quickly. PPC marketing works wonders in generating brand awareness early on in your sales funnels.

The result is greater brand awareness among high-converting prospects and customers.

Granular targeting:

PPC marketing does the trick when sending targeted messages to specific customers and prospects. The ads are crafted and sent out based on particular search behavior, online activities, and favorite platforms. Because granular PPC ads reach out to those who are most likely to purchase at the right time, they work.

Also, you can connect with specific individuals in target audiences with granular targeted ads because they are based on certain specific demographics like gender and age group.

Quick results:

PPC ads deliver almost on-the-spot results once you run a campaign. That said, you generally don’t begin to see results for at least 3 months after you launch a PPC ad campaign.

We experiment quickly for faster results:

our team always does A/B split testing before launching your PPC ads. These different versions show our team what will work and won’t work before your campaigns go live. That allows them to run flawless and seamless ad campaigns.

One-time campaign promotions:

we can run results-generating one-time campaigns to promote your brands effectively and permanently to the right people in your target markets. It’s the shorter sales cycles that helps you roll out new brands faster and with a real punch.

Immediate and regular traffic:

PPC advertising reinforces the messages that optimized marketing content sends to target markets regarding the benefits and value your brands will bring them. Indeed, you will see fast and regular results in the form of more and consistent conversion-generating traffic to your site.

Vast traction channels:

various platforms rely on different forms of PPC advertising to reach out to billions of customers worldwide. So, you can now rely on different marketing channels to promote your brands to more customers for heavier web traffic and more conversions much more often.

Data you can track:

the good news is that our PPC ad campaigns always generate metrics that can be measured and monitored consistently. Examples of these metrics include, but aren’t restricted to clicks, conversions, and view impressions. That goes a long way towards keeping you in the constant loop regarding your PPC campaigns’ true performance.

Complete customization:

our extremely customized and relevant PPC ads will put your enterprise and brands miles ahead of the competition. People in your target audiences will identify with these ads and they will be motivated to purchase your brands. Extreme customization is possible thanks to the vast marketing data that Google provides. That data allows us to tailor and optimize your campaigns to produce real results quickly.

We will customize every aspect and detail of your campaigns - from strategic and optimized keyword placement to audience targeting and zip codes.

Now that you have a basic understanding of the fundamentals of PPC marketing, isn’t it time to reach out to us to learn how you can craft and launch an effective PPC marketing campaign, given just how complex the field is?

Our PPC Marketing Services

Our ads generate measurable and real results

Keyword research and analysis:

our team and PPC advertising company leverage many tools to help them understand your customers’ and prospects’ search behaviors. That allows them to predict the keywords they will type into search engines when they’re searching for your brands.

First, we find these keywords, then we categorize them based on their relevance to your industry, search volume, and competition, among other criteria. Our team and firm continually refine the list until they have all of the search words that your prospects and customers will choose when looking for your brands.

Landing page conversion optimization:

our team will help you generate more quality and high-converting leads faster with strong headlines on your landing pages that incorporate high-performing keywords. They also create engaging, insightful, and useful content that’s optimized and strategically sprinkled with results-driven and powerful CTAs.

PPC management:

we’ll help you drive qualified traffic to your site faster with thoughtful and strategic PPC management. That includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Channel strategy and PPC campaign launch and monitoring
  • A/B ad testing

Paid search advertising:

we’ll put your brands and enterprise at the top of every search engine’s SERP with our paid search advertising services. We do that by optimizing your ad-targeting strategies, identifying and incorporating high-value keywords, developing and implementing PPC bidding strategies, and tracking your ROI among other things. That allows you to generate more revenue and conversions faster.

That also works wonders when boosting your Quality Score, CTR, and impression shares.

A/B Split Testing Ads:

our team and agency A/B split test your ads to determine which will generate the most results quickly. Elements include, but aren’t limited to layout, image, headline, and CTA. Then, our team decides the version that will bring in the most converting traffic and deploys it. Our team improves the overall performance of your PPC campaigns precisely because of A/B split ad testing.

Conversion Rate Optimization:

meet your customers at the right time on the platforms that they frequent and move them to the bottom of your sales funnels quickly. Our well-written PPC ads do just the job to persuade visitors to convert immediately. Our team also tests your landing page designs and boosts your site’s quality score with intuitive and user-friendly lead capture forms.

Bing and Google Ads Management:

generate more converting traffic with optimized PPC ads. Count on our team to perform in-depth PPC audits to ensure that your brands always reach your target audiences. Team members optimize your SEM ad campaigns and rely on site link extensions for more engagement.

Social media advertising:

about 75% of people with access to the net research brands on social media platforms before making a purchase. Our PPC advertising gives what you sell global recognition. It also reduces your overall marketing spend and ensures that your prospects always know about your brands. All of that and more is possible because our team identifies your target audiences, analyzes their social media behavior, and relies on quality content to maximize your brand engagement and customer reach.

Next-door Advertising:

rely on our Next-door advertising to familiarize local customers with your brands and entice them to purchase these. Our PPC ad agency will create targeted and customized professional ads for your customers and prospects and design landing pages that capture Next-door web traffic. They utilize analytics and a unique and effective measuring system to track your metrics and maximize campaign results.

Remarketing campaigns:

our remarketing optimizes your ROI by targeting specific visitor segments. Our team will identify your best performing campaigns and craft remarketing ads for high-value customers who are most likely to purchase. You’ll optimize your ROI because our remarketing ads will only appear a few times for these people.

Amazon PPC:

increase your Amazon profit margins dramatically with our Amazon product and video ads. These are designed to captivate and engage viewers resulting in instantaneous conversions. Our team leverages an AI management system to maximize your reach to interested buyers, and maximize your ROI through optimal conversions.

All of this and more is possible because our team maximizes strategic keyword usage in Amazon PPC ads. They also limit the usage of negative keywords as much as possible. Team members also categorize and structure Amazon PPC ads by products and adjusts ad spends based on brand and product performance.

YouTube Ads:

our YouTube Ads successfully connect with prospects and result in instant conversions because they’re memorable. Yes, our targeted YouTube ads accomplish all of this and more. Team members explore and experiment with/test various YouTube targeting options. Then they create targeted video ads that come with an element of surprise.

Our videos are reputed for resonating with viewers by telling emotional and unique brand stories.

Team up with our PPC ad management agency and see tangible results

Grow your clientele dramatically, substantially, and fast by with our technical expertise

Why We’re Better

Our team has several decades of collective experience and will leverage that to make your enterprise and brands successful faster. They do that by crafting results-generating PPC ads. They give it their all for every aspect of PPC ad campaigns - from performing PPC audits to setting up corporate accounts, to managing them, and to monitoring campaign performance. We promise that you’ll see improved online performance right away.

You’ll realize the following exclusive benefits when you hire our ppc advertising company:

Comprehensive PPC audit:

our team works painstakingly to align all aspects of your PPC campaigns with your corporate objectives and goals. Additionally, all of our campaigns comply with industry rules, regulations, and guidelines. But our team goes one step further with deep campaign audits to identify and resolve possible campaign issues, adjust strategies, and optimize campagin results.

They will also evaluate and analyze all of your campaign KPIs to ensure that campaigns are running optimally and generating maximum results.

Detailed reporting:

our team will always keep you in the loop regarding campaign activities and progress. You’ll get regular updates through campaign reports that present every aspect in detail and simple English. You can also monitor campaigns as they run because our team will give you access to the client dashboard.


our team works for our clients’ and their customers best interests. That’s why they sit down with you from the beginning to learn about your marketing goals and exisitng campaign performance. You’ll get data-driven recommendations from these. You’ll also be kept abreast of PPC campaign strategy through monthly meetings with your project managers that are scheduled at your convenience.

Dedicated specialists:

our team members leverage their multiple years of experience, insights, and expertise in PPC to simplify the most daunting and challenging technical aspects of PPC. you’ll be in touch with only one person once you sign a contract with us. They will manage your PPC campaign and keep you in the loop regarding any developments. They will also answer any questions and resolve any issues you may have or that may emerge.

PPC Advertising is a Strategic Investment, Here’s Why

We’ll help you reach your target audiences faster with converting PPC ads.

According to the latest surveys, about half of visitors that come to online retailers from PPC ads are likely to convert. Those who come to retailers via organic traffic are much less likely to make an instant purchase. The reason is that over three-quarters of the general public believe that PPC ads organize information in a systematic and easy to find and understand manner.

You need to design, craft, and implement a results-driven PPC ad campaign if you’re not already doing so. You run the real risk of missing out on real conversion opportunities, and promoting your brands and enterprise instantly on various digital platforms. That can put you far behind your competitors quickly. Hire us to avoid that.

If you’re still not convinced that you should go with the experts when doing PPC ads, here are some more stats.

  • The top three posts on any SERP will get 68.7% of all clicks.
  • Google gets about 97 billion searches every month
  • PPC ad campaigns are low maintenance and management once implemented.
  • You can track customers and customer behavior better through paid search ad campaigns.
  • PPC clicks have a 150% higher conversion rate than organic search clicks.
  • You can target local communities online through SEM.

Already about 2.64 billion people globally shop online. That number increases with each passing hour. Also, the fact that more and more digital marketing platforms and eCommerce platforms are formed and turn to PPC advertising annually. Isn’t it time you joined them to create that permanent competitive edge over your competitors?

Our team and firm will help you optimize your existing PPC campaigns. They will also help you craft strategic and converting campaigns if you’re new to the field.

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