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Email marketing is the most powerful and effective form of advertising. It was that way more than 30 years ago when the Internet was new, and it has retained that enviable status since then. Indeed, even with the growing usage of chatbots, SMS text, and instant messaging, an astounding 55% of people around the world still love to receive personalized marketing emails from professional organizations.

That means your organization needs to be doing email marketing if you aren’t already doing it.

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Email Marketing

About 4.258 people globally use email daily to communicate with others. There is no other platform on Earth, digital or otherwise that shares this type of popularity. That means that it’s essential that you capitalize upon the power and potential of email to promote your enterprise and brands.

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About 4.258 people globally use email daily to communicate with others. There is no other platform on Earth, digital or otherwise that shares this type of popularity. That means that it’s essential that you capitalize upon the power and potential of email to promote your enterprise and brands.

But you need to do email marketing correctly to harness its full potential. That’s why you need to reach out to Pave email marketing services company for guidance. Our email marketing services team will connect your enterprise and brands with the right people at the right time. That will result in the emotional engagement that drives more conversions and bigger revenue streams faster.

Our email marketing team can also design and implement the perfect email marketing campaign that will align with your enterprise’s objectives and get your company and brands on the global map quickly.

What is Email Marketing ?

Leverage this powerful marketing tool to create a loyal community around what you sell

Email marketing is the most powerful and effective form of advertising. It was that way more than 30 years ago when the Internet was new, and it has retained that enviable status since then. Indeed, even with the growing usage of chatbots, SMS text, and instant messaging, an astounding 55% of people around the world still love to receive personalized marketing emails from professional organizations.

That means your organization needs to be doing email marketing if you aren’t already doing it.

Let Pave Email Marketing Services Company Handle All of Your Email Marketing Needs

While it may be tempting to handle all of your email marketing needs in-house, the task is best left to email marketing experts like our email marketing team. The reason is that email marketing is an art and a science that takes years to master in terms of maximization of email marketing campaigns.

Failure to understand the art and science of email marketing often results in disastrous and uncoordinated promotion strategies, much lower new customer acquisition and existing customer retention rates, lower revenue streams and profit margins, significantly higher operating costs, and dramatic and significant decline in your enterprise.

If you are not interested in this outcome for your enterprise and brands, rely on an agency with one of the best automated email marketing services around that delivers real results in more traffic, more conversions, and higher new customer acquisition and customer retention numbers. You’ll be utilizing your digital marketing and promotion spending wisely when you do so.

Pave digital marketing agency offers a menu of success-driven email marketing services. All of these are customizable to your enterprise and brand needs, budget, and target market segments. Schedule a free call with one  of our email marketing professionals and discuss the important role that email marketing plays in helping your enterprise and brands reach their goals.

Just How Important is Email Marketing?

You may wonder why email marketing is so vital and popular in an era when everything seems to go viral on social media platforms the instant it’s posted. The reason is that people still read and click through emails to learn about special deals from particular brands they want to purchase. The latest statistics support that. About 44% of people with an email account check their inboxes regularly for brand promotions.

By contrast, only 4% of social media users check their platforms for brand promotions. So, clearly, you can reach out to the world by doing email marketing correctly and consistently. In fact, you’ll be primed to drive more traffic and conversions to your site.

It’s time to present you with some compelling evidence-backed reasons for doing email marketing if you’re still on the fence about it.

Create a strong, vast, and loyal customer base:

people have to trust your brand if you want them to become regular customers. That requires consistent brand interactions and leads to strong customer relationships. Any enterprise can accomplish that and drive sales with regular email marketing communication.

Promote Your Business to More People Globally:

About 99% of people with an email account check their inboxes every day. Many of those people check their inboxes up to 20 times a day. Also, approximately 92% of people who surf the net have at least 1 email account. So, you can clearly promote your business and brands to new audiences around the world who would have been unreachable with other marketing efforts - traditional and digital - especially if you team with up email marketing experts. These professionals are trained at crafting converting marketing emails that are responsive on any device and CAN-SPAM Act compliant.

Connect with different audiences in different ways:

B2B and B2C email marketing allows markets to craft uber personalized and customized marketing emails. That allows them to reach out to different segments and markets that are inaccessible with other forms of marketing.

Expend less time and effort - SMEs and mom-and-pop stores especially find that marketing emails are easier and faster to craft and send out than traditional marketing communications. Also, because of the instant reply option, targeted marketing emails offer readers an easy and convenient way to communicate directly with enterprises and brands.

Drive strong results by A/B testing email marketing campaigns:

It’s easy to A/B and multivariate test every aspect of email marketing campaigns to determine which version will deliver optimal results. You’ll gain valuable insights as to what you should be implementing to optimize your email marketing campaigns for higher email open and click-through-rates (CTRs), more engagement, and ultimately, more conversions.

Tracking analytics:

You need to analyze the data and analytics generated from email marketing campaigns because that gives you profound insights into just how well your campaigns are being deployed and are performing. Some metrics that you can’t ignore are email open rates, click rates, and click-through rates (CTRs.)

However, since these can be challenging to decipher solo, it’s best that you sit down with seasoned email marketing experts when poring over the data and statistics.

Statistia recently reported that people send and receive over 306 billion emails daily. So, it’s vital that you capture some of these peoples’ attention with thoughtful and insightful marketing emails driven by powerful and strategically placed CTAs.

Rely on our email marketing firm to craft the marketing emails that will communicate with and establish direct and strong relationships with your prospects and customers. Our email marketing services also do the trick when forging and cementing customer loyalty. Our email marketing staff can work wonders for the largest and most recognized MNCs, smaller SMEs, and mom-and-pop stores on local street corners. So, contact us to learn how our email marketing services align with your enterprise and marketing objectives and goals.

SME Email Marketing Services

Ally with us to cement your reputation and see your response rates skyrocket.

Deciding which marketing methods to allocate your marketing spend is a serious decision. It’s important that every penny you spend maximizes your ROI. not doing so can cost you in higher operating costs, fewer customers and sales, and slimmer profit margins.

You’ll find that email marketing yields the highest ROI for your SME when you’re attempting to promote your brand to various target markets and segments. That will work wonders when growing and diversifying your revenue streams.

McKinsey recently did a study and found that email marketing is 40 times more effective than paid or organic marketing efforts on both Facebook and Twitter when acquiring new customers. What’s more is that 80% of industry professionals believe that well-crafted email marketing campaigns work wonders when acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones.

The benefits of SMEs doing email marketing:

  • Reach out to customers instantly and in real-time
  • Establish enterprise and brand credibility
  • Track campaign results much more efficiently
  • Promote your brands better
  • Launch targeted messages
  • Communicate detailed information concisely
  • Optimize your time and budget
  • Connect with more customers faster
  • Drive much more traffic to your site
  • Develop a one-of-a-kind brand

You may still be wondering just how effective email marketing is for your SME. Well, you’re about to find out. Email marketing works wonders when you’re trying to grow your enterprise by tapping into new markets and expanding your reach in existing markets.

Count on Pave’s drip automated email marketing services to solidify and distinguish your brands’ identities for your customers and prospects.

It’s time to describe exactly what drip marketing is in brief and explain how that will help your business grow much faster.

What is Drip Marketing ?

Generate more leads by having more prospects engage with your brands

About 51% of companies rely on drip marketing when they do email marketing. They find that they have higher CTRs, email open rates, and more conversions by  doing so. Another term for drip marketing is automated email marketing.

Drip marketing relies on specialized software platforms to optimize marketing email campaigns. These marketing emails may not always contain certain targeted keywords either. Enterprises do drip markeitng when they schedule the sending out of autonated emails based on certain timelines and timeframes and strategic user actions.

Subscribers love drip marketing because it piques their curiosity in particular brands by educating them about the brands and the associated enterprises with tidbits of useful information over time. Good examples are brand updates and product teasers. The whole point of drip email marketing is to move as many prospects from the top of the funnel to the bottom where they convert as possible.

How Drip Marketing Software Works?

All email marketing agencies rely on marketing email software platforms with the following features when they engage in drip marketing:

  • Segment marketing emails precisely
  • Control the frequency of email copy sendout
  • Ensure that only quality email copy is sent out at predetermined times and days
  • Link drip marketing campaigns to other marketing tools
  • Include click-through rates, open rates, and other essential analytics
  • A/B test marketing emails efficiently and quickly
  • Personalize marketing emails much better

It’s Time to Discuss the Different Types of Drip Marketing Emails

It’s not uncommon for email marketing agencies to leverage three different types of drip marketing campaigns, depending on the stage of the sales funnel that most of their clients’ prospects are in. let’s discuss each type briefly.

Top-of-Funnel (TOFU) drip:

TOFU drip emails are designed to move your prospects from the top of your funnel into your sales funnels by initiating warm and friendly conversations.

Educational drip:

These marketing emails work wonders in the second phase of your email marketing funnel. They help you generate more conversions faster with detailed and useful information about your brands, their offerings, benefits, and perceived value.

Re-engagement drip:

These types of marketing emails help you re-engage disengaged customers with special deals and offers. They are effective in bringing these customers back into your sales funnels.

Do automated marketing emails actually work?

You send out automated marketing emails because you want to moviate prospects and customers to buy what your enterprise sells regularly. You can accomplish all of that and more with drip email marketing by:

  • Nurturing and converting qualified prospects and leads
  • Automate repetitive tasks in B2C and B2B marketing emails.
  • Improve your email marketing ROI
  • Deliver a consistent and relevant brand message
  • Retain more customers
  • Make it easier to upsell and cross-sell related brands
  • Increase customer engagement and loyalty
  • Reduce your abandoned cart frequencies

We’re here if automated email marketing sounds daunting and you need some help.

Drip email marketing works if you send out the right marketing email messages at the right time. We’ll help you do that by analyzing numerous intent signals. These include, but aren’t limited to user interest and information needed. Count on our email marketing agency to craft segmented, customized, and personalized drip email marketing campaigns that result in high open, click, and conversion rates.

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Our Email Marketing Services

We’ll improve your customer acquisition rates dramatically with effective brand communication solutions.

Our agency delivers quality email marketing services. So, our email marketers can craft customized email marketing campaigns that align with your enterprise’s and brands’ needs perfectly while respecting your marketing budget.

We have the perfect targeted email marketing service to help you reach any and all of your marketing goals.

Email marketing performance audit and strategy:

count on our email marketing team to provide the pefect email marketing services. They will provide you with an email marketing strategy that evolves in lockstep with your industry. Our team will conduct extensive B2B and B2C email marketing audits to pinpoint the factors that are making your email marketing campaigns a success and to identify and address issues and areas to be improved. That includes:

Campaign and template review:

Oour email marketing team will analyze your email templates and campaigns from the previous year. That will help them understand your email marketing performance and engagement pefectly. Marketing email elements and components that they will scrutinize include, but aren’t limited to email design, subject lines, and CTAs. That will help them understand what could be improved for better perfomance.

Technical review:

Your marketing emails and newsletters will deliver phenomenal results only when they are delivered to the right inboxes. So, our email marketing specialists will thoroughly examine and analyze your current setup and all technical issues that may arise from it. That includes spam complaints, deliverability issues, and potential IP and domain blacklisting.

Data review:

At least 25.74% of al email addresses decay every year. That means you’ll have to take time to constantly prune your email contact list. That’s probably time that you don’t have. So, leave that task to our email marketing team. Team members will establish a benchmark for email metrics, review your best and worst-performing campaigns, and analyze unsubscribes and subscriber demographics to keep your email list current and relevant.

Program review:

Our team will analyze and review every aspect of your current automated email marketing campaigns. That includes, but is not limited to audience segmentation, email list health, and a comprehensive review of your email marketing strategy. Our team won’t stop until they have determined the best way to optimize your email marketing campaigns.


Our email marketers will compile and send a list of recommendations for code and design, content, and CTAs, among other elements to our developers once they have completed the marketing email audits. Our team will also provide you with comprehensive proposals regarding the freuency and times of day and night that your marketing emails are being sent out.

Custom template design and development

you can rely on our email marketing team for quality email marketing newsletter and drip campaign templates if you don’t have the in-house team, time, resource, or know-how for these. We provide quality and focused email marketing services that allow our email marketers to design, develop, and deploy up-to-date and relevant email marketing templates of various types that align with and speak to your brands, their voices, and your desired user experiences (UX.) Our menu of email campaign services consists of:

Superior and quality template design:

We design emails that motivate readers to read and click through your messages and buy what you sell. That’s why our team designs templates with clean code and to be perfectly responsive, regardless of the device or display screen size that the email is loaded on.

We will install the templates on the ESP that you want:

Count on our email marketing experts to install all of your templates on your favorite ESP. that leaves you with teh fun part of sending out automated email marketing blasts.

We conduct comprehensive Quality assurance and testing:

Our team will test your email marketing templates on a variety of tools before handing them over to you. That ensures that they always have the perfect code, are responsive, and work exactly the way you want them to. We’ll help you build more quality and converting marketing emails faster.

Comprehensive training:

Our email marketers will hold your hand every step of the way when training you to use the templates. Training is comprehensive and includes video training recording that teaches you how to use the marketing email templates like a real pro.

Compatible with top email services:

That includes Active Campaign and Mailchimp. Not only do our templates reflect your unique brand, but they also reflect your brand’s image and personality flawlessly. The same is true with brand preferences and messages.

Email marketing management

we’re here for you if you’re struggling with sending out monthly marketing emails. Count on our email marekting team to work closely with you and your key marketing staff to develop a great and results-generating email marketing strategy that will make your enterprise profitable and put it on the global map. Our email marketing campaign services offerings are:

Reviewing your marketing goals and targeting:

We will review your marketing goals and targeting to determine just how well they work in promoting your brands, driving traffic to your site, and generating conversions. Let our email marketing team work with you and your in-house staff to completely understand your email marketing goals.

It starts witn a comprehensive review of your target audiences to look for opportunities that your previous campaigns may have missed. Our team will then work with you to formulate a strategy to capitalize upon these missed and similar opportunities.

Asset coordination and brand guidelines:

We always stick with your brand guidelines when we develop, craft, and deploy your email marketing campaigns. It’s called being consistent and it works when you’re trying to maximize your email marketing ROI.

At the same time, our team realizes that content marekting needs evolve as your enterprise and industry do. That’s why they organize all of the resources necessary to make your brands successful and develop a marketing and milestone calendar. That helps them manage email marketing campaigns effectively and efficiently.

Campaign design and deployment:

We provide comprehensive email marketing services. So, they cover everything needed to conceptualize, design, craft, and finally deploy outstanding and results-driven email marketing campaigns. It doesn’t matter if you need general marketing emails or customized and personalized email newsletters. Our team has you covered. You’ll also have the peace of mind that our team members are consistently and constantly focused on achieving all of your goals.

Continual list maintenance:

Our email marketing services prioritize and focus on segmenting unengaged contacts and sending targeted marketing emails out to the right people in the right markets. Though they do craft marketing emails that are engaging.

We’re a top-notch email marketing services provider. So, we do continual outgoing list maintenance that’s always increasing audience engagement. We also increase your email open, click-through, and conversion rates by sending the right messages to the right contacts at the right time.

Tracking and reporting campaigns:

Count on our email marketing team to give you detailed reports about your email marketing campaigns every month. You’ll have easy-to-read and understand data and information categorized by marketing campaign. So, you’ll always be in the loop regarding the click, open, and conversion rates, among other engagement metrics.

Feel free to reach out to our consultants to schedule regular meetings to discuss the reports.

Continual management and optimization:

Our email management services include ongoing management, optimization, and maintenance of your ESP. some services include but aren’t limited to additional segmentation, list cleaning, and revision of your marketing strategy according to engagement and other factors. We’re diligent about optimizing your email marketing accounts to ensure that they’re always working at their best.

Email marketing automation management

you need to automate your email marketing campaigns for them to deliver tangible long-term results. That’s especially true if you are doing eCommerce or have a Shopify or another type of online store. Our automation email marketing services include:

Drip campaign sequences:

You need our drip email marketing campaign services because they provide the necessary and continual engagement that leads to conversions and increases customer retention. We will craft the best drip sequences for your enterprise based on its nature and requirements and the nature of your industry.

Welcome series:

We direct our welcome series drip marketing emails to people who either visit your site or fill out an online information request form. These are designed to nurture their interest in your brands and enterprise, and it works! Our emails are loaded with intriguing, engaging, slightly entertaining, and educational information. They work wonders when driving conversions and traffic to your site.

Customer win-back:

These emails are designed to engage customers who may have been out of contact with your enterprise for a while and are being enticed by competitors. They (the emails) work wonders in adding these people back to your list of active subscribers.

Web activity campaigns:

Our team gleans insights from your web activities to craft highly targeted campaigns. These are personalized and contain content that is tailored to each recipient’s tastes. If you want to use a sophisticated way to make recommendations based on previous browsing history on your site, web activity campaigns are your go-to tool.

ESP Review and migration:

Do you have the right ESP for your growing enterprise’s evolving needs? Do you have issues with your current reporting or data and integration systems? If you answered yes to either question, our email marketing services will be invaluable to you:

Demo and presentation:

If you’re struggling to find the best ESP for your enterprise, we can help. Our email marketing team will work with your teams and the ESP’s customer service team to help you find and install the ideal ESP for your enterprise. We will train you to use the ESP through interactive and educational demos to thoroughly initiate you regarding deploying the ESP properly.

Data migration and setup:

This service is for you when you’re ready to use a particular ESP. count on our email marketing team for a smooth transition when replacing, installing, and utilizing your new ESP. Some of our standard data migration and setup services include:

  • Data migration and transfer
  • Integration setup
  • Automation setup
  • Domain authentication

Initial audit:

You need to do constant audits of your email marketing campaigns to see if they are effectively delivering the results you want. You are not optimizing your email marketing spend optimally as well. However, you need to have specific and deep knowledge and insights of email marketing as well as years of experience in the field to do email marketing well.

At Pave email marketing services company, our team is well-versed in conducting comprehensive initial audits to better understand the challenges and issues with your current ESP. Then, we work with you to address those.

ESP research:

Our team collaborates with leading ESPs. They also research and review every platform currently on the market to recommend the optimal ESP for your enterprise. There are many email marketing platforms out there. Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign.

The email marketing platforms have different functions and capabilities ranging from basic and entry-level software functions to more robust email marketing functions. Count on our team to thoroughly review the functions and capabilities of each ESP to give you a few hand-picked and outstanding options to choose from.

eCommerce Email Marketing Services

if you own a Shopify online store or similar storefront, you will find our team’s email marketing services to be invaluable in training you to use the leading ESPs on the market like a pro. These integrate with the latest online storefront platforms perfectly. But our team doesn’t stop there.

Our team will also migrate all of your campaigns, templates, and segmented contacts to the new ESP according to your deadline. So, you can continue to run your business smoothly and seamlessly. Some of the more popular eCommerce platforms that we support include Big Commerce, Shopify, and WooCommerce.

Email strategy:

Rely on our email marketing team to identify the best marketing strategy to target your audiences with. Our recommendations are based on the optimal automated campaigns, content strategy, discount recommendations, and regular email newsletter services for your enterprise. Reach out to us today to learn more about the ideal email marketing for the biggest eCommerce platforms out there.

Template design:

Our email marketing team consists of developers and designers with years of experience and expertise in building templates from ideation to final delivery. They’re well-versed in the leading eCommerce marketing best practices. So, they excel at crafting engaging and conversion-driven templates.

Email automation strategy:

Count on our eCommerce marketing experts to develop a plan to harness predictive tools when building workflows and automated campaigns that encourage visitors to purchase in the future. Our team can do it all from welcome series to shopping sequences and abandoned cart emails to help your conversion rates skyrocket immediately.

Email marketing management:

We’re the company for you if you crave an agency whose email marketing services and team excels at creating intriguing and engaging email marketing eCommerce campaigns that constantly update your audiences with the latest in offerings and promotions. We deliver results because our team meticulously and painstakingly plans, designs, and tests eCommerce campaigns to guarantee an increase in revenue streams and conversions before handing them over to you!

Email newsletters services

Our email newsletters services are for you if you want to keep your customers and prospects constantly updated regarding your brand promotions, product campaigns, and other brand and enterprise developments. Our affordable email newsletter service takes care of all technical processes. You can look forward to the following services:

Personalized and customized email campaigns:

Our email marketing team makes it a point to align our email marketing campaigns with your marketing goals so that you generate more conversions resulting traffic to your site immediately. They can do it all - from simplified newsletter deployment plans to more complex RSS-to-email feeds that send your audiences updates straight from your blog page to sophisticated and automated conditional follow-up emails that target your prospects at various stages in your sales funnels.

Professional templates:

All of the leading and most current surveys indicate that people (not surprisingly) prefer emails that have a professional and uncluttered design. They don’t just want plain text in emails. They want graphics, videos, images, and more presented in a clean and orderly manner.

That’s why our email marketing team is talented at developing and designing email marketing templates that align with your enterprise’s specific needs and communicate and reflect your brands’ images, voices, and personalities perfectly. What’s more is that our team loads at the speed of light and fits perfectly on all devices, regardless of display screen size.

Product and service promotions:

We create email marketing newsletters that are designed to dramatically and rapidly increase our clients’ profit margins. Our team is expert at personalizing content in these emails so that each of your target audiences will identify with them and respond by clicking through them and visiting your site to make purchases.

Email newsletter list management:

Our email marketing team collaborates with you heavily to grow your email list quickly and steadily. Our experts continually optimize your site to encourage people to constantly visit your site and sign up for your newsletter. They also make sure that you always have a great reputation with all mailbox providers.

Our team’s collective experience and expertise in email newsletter list management is vast. That means you benefit because your emails will be shared extensively across the net and you’ll have very few people unsubscribing from your marketing newsletters.

Email blast service

Our email blast service lets you send targeted, customized, and relevant messages to all of your subscribers when they want to receive them. Our team utilies the best and most advanced email blast platforms. That way all of your marketing emails will comply with the CAN-SPAM Act. You can avail the following email blast services:

Email list management:

We segment your email lists to make sure that your marketing emails always end up in the right inboxes. That ensures that very few of your emails go to people’s spam folders. Some criteria we use to segment the lists include, but aren’t restricted to age, gender, and user action.

Template design:

Our email marketing team has talented web designers and content writers who will craft effective email marketing campaigns by creating templates with clever, engaging, and slightly entertaining subject lines and content. These will captivate the readers and convince them to make a purchase with strategically placed and powerfully convincing CTAs.


Our team works with you to provide results-generating recommendations that will give all of your email marketing campaigns that permanent and competitive edge over the competition.

Team members leverage emerging and world-class email blast software to generate email marketing proposals that substantially and quickly improve your ROI.

Campaign tracking and analytics:

Our team will A/B test your marketing emails to identify various issues and track your performance to optimize your campaigns.

Why Hire Pave Email Marketing Services Company?

Use our email marketing services to keep your enterprise and brands on top of your clients’ and prospects’ minds.

You’ve got a lot to gain when you use our email marketing services. It’s time to discuss these benefits in more detail.

Full-service email marketing campaigns:

Our full suite of email marketing services will take care of all of your email marketing needs and guarantee that you get the word out about your enterprise and brands to as many people in your target audiences as possible.

Multivariate and A/B campaign testing:

Our team will A/B test every aspect of your marketing email campaigns. That includes, but isn’t restricted to the subject line, content, and scheduled send out dates. That way we can guarantee that your campaigns will always generate the phenomenal results that you want and need.

Customized list segmentation:

Each enterprise and the brands that it sells is different. So each enterprise has vastly different email marketing needs. Our email marketing team realizes that. So, they conduct detailed and comprehensive market research and utilize advanced email marketing softwarwe to do so. They rely on the software for email marketing list segmentation and to guarantee that the right emails reach the right people at the right time.

Integrated digital marketing services:

Our email marketing team specializes and is reputed in using a variety of email marketing tactics to optimize email open and click through rates. Their tactics also generate as many conversions as possible. That results in greater customer loyalty, improved efficiency and accessibility, and a higher ROI faster for you.

In-depth email marketing reports:

Our email marketing campaigns are customized to your enterprise’s and brands’ unique needs. Our team monitors and manages them monthly. So, you will get monthly reports communicating your campaigns’ efficiency. They will also give you access to Google Analytics dashboard and train you on using it so that you can monitor your campaign results at your convenience.

Experienced email marketing experts:

Our team has several years of experience in leveraging several ESPs for the best results as fast as possible. They’re constantly researching the best platforms and strategies to maximize your ROI.

Run successful email marketing campaigns effortlessly


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